International Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Berlin

Welcome & Namasté!

To love and live Yoga in our hectic time is quite an art. With our Teacher Training we aim to impart ways and tools to make it happen.

Our Yogamats are our 'laboratories' for gaining new experiences and insights. Intuitively we understand that with Yoga great changes and transformations in our lifes are possible. Often there is already a subtle feeling and knowing that Yoga is more than exercises for bodyand physical health. Yoga is an integral way of live and a path into a new freedom.

you will learn

- applied Yoga Anatomy, precise alignment, corrections and hands-on, universal principles of Yoga Anatomy

- how to create classes in terms of Yoga Shala principles concerning anatomic and energetic aspects, creative and clear sequencing, creative integration of breathing exercises, Mantra and Meditation into class building, learn principles of energetic Yoga and example classes such as SuryaChandra balancing, Upwardflow, Chidambaram Vinyasa, Surya Namaskar Variations and  various Vinyasa Flows for guiding energy through the body and nadis

- stand alone breathing exersises, Bandhas, Mudras and breathing Meditations, learn to build up, establish and love the subtle body and its subtle flow of energy

- Yoga natural voice Training through Mantra chanting and exploration of vibrational inner bodyspaces, learn to sing simple Bajans (devotional songs)

- Yoga Philosophy: principles of inner balance and stillness, Self-inquiry, Chakra Meditation, the secret behind Ujjai breath, basics from the Patanjali Sutras and Kashmir Shaivism such as  Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Shivasutras; deepening and embodyment of Yoga Philosophy through contemplation and meditative exercising in daily life; in that way Yoga Philosophy transfers into the individual structure of the practicioner where it might unfold like petals of a flower

We are looking for appropriate ways to fulfill our western needs. It´s a learning how to use our bodies as vivid instruments for transforming, uplifting and sustainable energetic experiences. Body work, precise coordination in alignment, perceiving subtle yogic sensations and dissolving everything into the pure joy of the profound energy stream is our approach to Vinyasa Flow. It is an unfolding path to release our full potential that makes us taste the juice of an energetic likewise balanced life!