International Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Berlin

Welcome & Namasté!

To love and live Yoga in our hectic time is quite an art. With our Teacher Training we aim to impart ways and tools to make it happen.

Our Yogamats are our 'laboratories' for gaining new experiences and insights but we intuitively know, that with Yoga great changes and transformations in our lives are possible. Often there is already a subtle feeling and knowing that Yoga is more than exercises for the body. Yoga is an integral way of live and a path into a new freedom.

you will learn

- universal laws of anatomy 'core integration' in backbend & forwardbend, spiral forms arms & legs in standing postures & inversion
- creative free & new Asana understanding based on energetic alignment
- embodyment of multiple techniques&styles by Vinyasa method 'art of sequncing'
- using kundalini techniques for upward flying energy (uddhyana)
- 'taking roots to fly' in Pranayama, Mudras & Bandhas practise
- cultivating stillness & inner peace in meditation and 'asana as mudra'
- learn yoga philosphy self-inquiry method for upliftment in daily life
- yoga practise and brain areas (neuro-anatomy)


We are looking for new ways to fulfill our western needs, to feel our bodies and to use our body as medium for deeper energetic experience. Body work, precise coordination in alignment,  perceiving subtle emotions and dissolving everything in the pure joy of the energy stream is our unique approach to Vinyasa Flow,